Course Introduction

Our curriculum is designed and based on the basic principles of “child development” and “child learning”. Our curriculum aligns with children’s life experiences, interests and abilities; stimulates them to learn independently, and provides opportunities to develop their unique potential. Through expressing personal needs and opinions, our students are inspired to be creative, and develop the core problem solving skills.


Teaching Objectives

This kindergarten focuses on the core value of “child-centered”, through real-world engagement, experience, exploration and manipulation, children develop a balanced perspective in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Through play, children are encouraged to discuss and explore

Through group activities, children learn self-discipline and develop altruistic behaviors.

Through hands on experience, children build their self-confidence and curiosity.


Our Commitment

We value and cherish the opinions of parents.

We focus on the development of students’ body, mind and spirit.

We value teaching quality and self-improvement.